For demolition or renovation preparation that requires the breakage, cutting or modification of concrete, trust Primary Earthworks to provide the right tools and experience to get the job done right.

At Primary Earthworks, you deal with the owner who ensures an efficient clean up.

All jobs from Primary Earthworks are completed to a high standard.

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With the latest and greatest concrete cutting equipment and the experience behind them to complete the job properly, you can trust Primary Earthworks for accurate and professional work that won’t hinder your projects’ progress.

Whilst it’s tempting to hire a concrete cutter and give things a go, it should definitely be left to professionals not just for the accuracy of the job but for your own safety, too.

Cut off saws are not toys or novice equipment! An operator needs to know how to check the health of the saw, guard and flanges along with how to physically operate and have a good handle of the saw.

Then, there is knowing how to lubricate the blade and ensure that you’re not exposed to too much concrete dust which can be deadly causing silicosis, lung cancer and other lung diseases.

Primary Earthworks can provide an additional service to remove all materials and concrete which are disposed of in an environmentally friendly manner, leaving you with nothing left to do.

This clean up even includes the mud/sludge that is usually left over from cutting or grinding wet concrete, which is done to avoid raising dust from the concrete, which is extremely hazardous to health.

Whether you’re sawing through walls or cutting up concrete floors,contact us today or call 0417 951 518 for an obligation free quote.

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