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If you don’t need it then turf it! Whether your lawn is beyond repair, requires too much maintenance on your part, or you need to clear it to make way for a new landscaping or construction project, the crew at Primary Earthworks have got you covered.

Removing lawn takes a lot of hard yakka if going it alone. There are a few things you need to consider before you start digging. Have you got the right equipment? Do you run the risk of damaging any underground utilities or existing irrigation? How will you dispose your grass after the work has been done?

When it comes to effectively removing your unwanted lawn, it is better to get the experts in and out, to avoid the hassles you could be faced with once you get into the thick of it all.

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There are a number of different methods we can employ to permanently remove your lawn. We will take a look at your site to determine the best approach based on a number of factors such as size, location, any obstructions and your timeframes to ensure the turf is effectively removed.

We won’t just destroy the top layer of your lawn, we will make sure to correctly attack the root system to avoid any recurring growth. Once everything is removed, we will take away the heavy loads of grass and soil and dispose of it appropriately, leaving you with nothing but a fresh canvas to get to work on. We can also assist with your landscape preparation if required.

We take disposing of green waste seriously. We ensure all of your lawn is transported to a green waste recycling facility, where it can decompose correctly and be used in the future for composting purposes.

Disposing of green waste properly is important for your health and the environment. The consequences of throwing out your lawn with general rubbish that ends up in landfill is dire.

Garden waste dumped in landfill will produce toxic substances such as methane (which contributes to global warming) and leachate (which is harmful to your health if it seeps into groundwater supplies or waterways).

  • We have the expertise – our qualified team have the skills and knowledge to assess your situation and effectively remove your lawn, roots and all.
  • We have the experience – we can dig up and remove your old lawn without a fuss. Our proven methods will ensure there are no delays to get you moving onto the next stage of your project.
  • We have the right equipment – we come fully equipped with all the fancy gear to complete the task at hand, saving you precious time and any painful laborious digging.

Want to remove your old lawn? Get in touch with Perth’s turf removal specialists or call us on 0417 951 518 to get the job done right the first time.

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