Maintaining a swimming pool is a costly and time-consuming exercise. If you are tired of fitting the bill for something you don’t use very often, we can help you transform your pool into a useful space again.

Removing a swimming pool is no easy feat. It is a complicated process that requires professionals who know how to properly drain the pool area and ensure it is stable for any future redevelopment. We specialise in the complete removal and fill of all types of pools, including concrete and fiberglass.


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  • Complete pool demolition: This includes removing everything from concrete slabs and steel reinforcement, leaving only the hole behind. We will fill the pool cavity with topsoil to level it out. You can then landscape or build a patio over it.
  • Partial removal: This is the preferred choice if you are looking to landscape over your pool. We remove all of the concrete and steel exactly 2 inches from the top and fill the pool cavity with topsoil.

We will initially meet with you to assess your yard and offer the best possible solution based on what you want to do with the space in the future. During the consultation we will discuss any structural issues or concerns.

If your property is small or has limited access areas – no problem! We have different sized machinery to enable us to get the work done.

We will then schedule a time for the demolition to take place. Pool demolitions can be loud and messy, and we strive to complete all demolitions as quickly and efficiently as possible to minimise any inconvenience.

As part of your pool demolition we will:

  1. Properly drain the pool (if it hasn’t been done so already) according to WA requirements and remove all plumbing fixtures.
  2. Remove all pool fencing and pavers around the pool area.
  3. Break up the concrete with our specialised machinery and safely remove the concrete from your premises.
  4. We will ensure your pool is filled correctly with topsoil (if required) to allow for any future building or landscaping you wish to carry out.
  5. We will clean up and leave your yard looking in tiptop shape – almost if there never was a pool to begin with!

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